Mondays 112: Lisbon Lego Tram

June 6, 2022

This week we’re solo but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some interesting news for you!  San Diego billboards and Rotterdam roof parks coming at you!

Links from the episode can be found below:


Learning about Chinese Metros – That’s Magazine

Rotterdam’s roof parks – Surface Magazine

TXDOT wants to bury I345 – D Magazine

San Diego’s billboard rules – San Diego Union Tribune

Texas activists battle billboard companies – NPR

Germany’s 9 euro pass – The

Regulating particulates – Euractiv

Tire particles 2000x worse than exhaust – Guardian


Puppies and Butterflies

Lego Lisbon Tram – The Brick Fan

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I think that the email newsletter that you do every morning is the best one that I get, and I get a lot of them.

Mary Newsom, The UNC Charlotte Urban Institute

Really is the best daily urban newsletter out there.

Eric Jaffe, Editorial Director Sidewalk Labs


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