New Scarves for Sale

August 1, 2022

One of the things we’ve been talking about for a while is figuring out a reward for podcast listeners and long time guests. The idea of a supporter soccer scarf designed for transportation nerds was what we came up with. My intern Khris and I designed the Bus Only version and I had it made by Roughneck Scarves.

Previously we only had one scarf, but now we have three versions!  We have one “Bus Only” knit scarf, and two versions of our **NEW** “Bike Only” scarf. The bike versions come with a checkerboard design which can be ordered based on whether you want a lighter or heavier weight scarf.

My hope is that folks use them when they go to city hall to argue for bus and bike lanes by holding it up. If you’d like to get a hold of one, you can sign up to support the podcast on Patreon at the $10 a month level.

If you just want a scarf, we will be selling them individually for $25 + $4.99 shipping in the US for the knit scarves and $28 +$4.99 shipping in the US for the sublimated light fading checkerboard scarf. Tax is included. Click the Stripe Links below the images to purchase!

If you want to order more than one scarf to give to friends or co-workers or are an international purchaser including Canada, email me and I’ll invoice you after calculating more accurate shipping fees. (Canadians in BC, shipping is $14 for example)

Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.


***All three scarves are in!  See below for details***


Original Knit Heavy Bus Only Scarf

Our one and only “Bus Only” soccer scarf. This item is great for public meeting or showing your support riding around town.

In Stock: Order Using this Secure Stripe Link

Knit Heavy Bike Only Scarf

This knit scarf is the newest version of the “Bus Only” soccer scarf and features a bike lane design with a checkerboard and direction arrows that mimic a bus boarding island-bike lane interface.

In Stock: Order Using this Secure Stripe Link

Sublimated Light Bike Only Scarf

This scarf designed with a fading checkerboard is lighter weight than our knit “Bus Only” and “Bike Only” scarves for summer time or warm weather climates. The design is also sublimated to the scarf to create a cool faded checkerboard.

IN STOCK: Order Using this Secure Stripe Link



Thanks everyone for such enthusiasm for the podcast and the scarf design!

Listen to the Talking Headways Podcast.


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